Tips and tutorials for the iPastels painting app


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iPastels Drawing App Introduction

Community Contribution by Jennifer Martin

An introduction to iPastels she made for her students in Louisville, Kentucky.

Basics of working with the free version of iPastels.

The Sewer Challenge

Community Contribution submitted by John Delport (Cape Town, South Africa)

John's pic

The Sewer

“Challenge to ALL iPastels artists.
Here is my simple sketch called The Sewer.
Please try to improve my artwork - You can alter, remove, recolor, but you must try improve on my artwork. NB!
Painting the most picturesque scene is not true artistry, but rather, take a boring scene and change it into a real work of art!
Looking forward to seeing your creative improvement!
Warmest Regards, John”

1: Download the NorbytePic file (that has all iPastels data such as layers) and create your version of the artwork.
Please note that the file is 24MB, so it might take several minutes to download!
2: Upload your finished painting somewhere (e.g. flickr).
3: Send us an email (address at the bottom of this page) with the link, and we’d be happy to put it here next to the original!


Create a finished or half-finished painting that others can build upon.

Make step-by-step instructions on how to paint something specific.

Share some tips on how to use iPastels in a certain way.

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